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Press Kit
PhaZer | Paulo Miranda
Name: Virgílio Neto
From: Amadora, Portugal
Instrument: Guitar
Contact/ Follow:
Favourite drinks: Coca Cola, coffee.
Favourite Food:
Mexican, Chinese,Portuguese,Italian and...Corn Flakes
Sport Lisboa e Benfica (the glorious one)...obviously!!!
Favourite movie:
Apocalypse Now
Favourite actor:
Edward Norton
Favourite actress:
Well,hhmmm...let me see...Catherine Zeta Jones probably.
Why? Guess!
Instrument you would like to play:
Favourite city:
Hong Kong
Desire to reach with phazer:
Record a new album with some of the best songs
i have ever written.
Message to people who are reading this:

Rarely in life, you can share so much passion, as in art state. For me, sharing such emotional releases in this form of art called music, is a gift and an honor, that I would like to offer you, expecting not only you, to embrace them, but also to get you connected to me, cognitively, through this simple offer of a piece of my heart and soul.

My deepest appreciation to all people who got involved with me, through the years of my existence, sharing their knowledge, affects and experiences, contributing for my enrichment as a human being, with all these imperfections that you know so well! I guess that is what you can call "friends"! I adore you, I miss you and most of all… I love you!!!  You simply know who you are!! After all you´re my inspiration!

My Family...not always in tune, but always there when needed!! Thanks for your patience through the years! Band folks…past and present members…my gratitude in sharing my musical goals and vision! Finally, you the Phazer fan! Your support is the lifeblood of keeping my heart beating!!

Always yours, Gil.

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