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PhaZer are:

Paulo Miranda - Vocals | Nuno Cruz - Drums | Carlos Falé - Bass | Gil Neto - Guitar


It was the year of 2004 when the rock band PhaZer was born. The Lisbon based band identifies itself mainly within the Rock genre, but without limit themselves to any kind of musical genre and seeking out and combining alternative sound styles. PhaZer present their first songs to the public at the Lisbon Rock circuit in 2005. After this mini-tour entitled "Beta-Tour", they enter at the Namoche studios to record their first EP.

In 2006, their debut EP "Revelations" was released and it was promptly and unanimously acclaimed by the national and international press as one of the best records of the year, as PhaZer being considered one of the best Portuguese new acts in 2006. "Revelations" wins even more popularity, getting airplay on several radio stations around the world. The band goes on an extensive tour – "Revelations Tour" – for more than two years, covering most of all Rock/Metal Portuguese hotspots.

The band's first album "Kismet" is released in June 2010, through the labels “Raging Planet” and “Raising Legends”. It is immediately considered one of the best albums of the year in Portugal, opening doors to new stages and to a wider audience, leading PhaZer to the Lisbon Coliseum, as opening act for the legendary "Cheap Trick" (US) and to the 30th International Motorcycle Rally festival with "Iron Maiden" (UK) as headliners.

In 2012, the band returns to the studio and this time to record a new EP – "Rockslinger" – published in the same year through the labels “Raging Planet”, “Raising Legends” and “Ethereal Sound Works”. With this work, PhaZer deliver a rock-oriented album that knows no borders or boundaries, being metal, aggressive, daredevil, as uncovered, fragile, naked and intimate.

PhaZer has been established as a one of the best Portuguese hard-rock bands, and the guitar solo in "I've Been Shot" is considered by the press one of the best guitar solos of All Time of Portuguese Rock. The growing buzz has allowed PhaZer to have full house concerts in major venues in Lisbon, such as the support act for "Harem Scarem" (Canada) and "D-A-D." (Denmark).

In 2016, PhaZer’s 4th record, entitled "Un(locked)" is released. The new album reveals a free path, without compromises or limits, showing the transformation of an experienced band on 14 new songs that pursue the pureness of a strong and fearless rock sound.

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