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PhaZer enters in studio!
Posted on 14 Feb 2009 by PhaZer
[01 Jun 2008] In the past May 18th began the recordings of the new PhaZer album. Unlike the previous record as an E.P, the new one will be a full length. The album will have some of the most recent songs composed during the Revelations Tour and some unpublished songs from the band's early days.

The music line for the new album will be very surprising, since the band's evolution along the last tour allowed a selection of more heavy and mature songs.

The album recording is taking place in the Urban Insect Studios in Lisbon, Portugal and is being produced by Fernando Matias which has already produced bands such as F.E.V.E.R. and Moonspell (Remix in Night Eternal), among others. The release date forecast for the album is not known since the band's intention is to settle a label agreement after the album recording.
Benediction released for free download (MP3)
Posted on 22 Apr 2008 by PhaZer
[04 Jan 2008] PhaZer released for free download the most acclaimed song from the debut EP Revelations. Benediction was considered by the reviewers and fans as one of the best songs from the Revelations EP. The song deals with an atheist point of view about the catholic ceremonies of self-flagellation that usually take place in the Philippines and Latin America. Click here to download the song for free.
PhaZer in "Sons de Palco #2" compilation
Posted on 22 Apr 2008 by PhaZer
[12 Nov 2007] PhaZer’s song “Benediction” was included in the Online Music Compilation 'Sons de Palco #2' featuring several portuguese new artists and published by the Music Web Portal 'Palco Principal'.
PhaZer Under Review
Posted on 22 Apr 2008 by PhaZer
[19-Oct-2007] Check it out the last press reviews about PhaZer's Debut EP "Revelations". Click here to read the full reviews.

Rough Edge (R. Scott Bolton)
BurnYourEars (Dirk) (Jörg)
Metal Uprising (Hellpleasure)
Bright Eyes Germany (Andre Haß)
PhaZer Under Review
Posted on 07 Jul 2007 by PhaZer
Check it out the last press reviews about PhaZer's Debut EP "Revelations". Click here to read the full reviews.
                                                                                                                                               (Karolina) (Waschbär)
Metal Storm (Baz Anderson UK) (Panagiotis) (Pierpaolo Monti)
Metal Stage (João Sérgio) (Fernando De Santis)
PhaZer in Underworld´s Magazine CD Compilation "Entulho Sonoro #1 - 2007"
Posted on 14 Mar 2007 by PhaZer
The song "Revelations (Radio Edit)" was included in the first CD compilation "Entulho Sonoro 1 - 2007" released with the Portuguese magazine Underworld (Issue #22) with an edition and distribution limited to 2.000 copies. And it's Free!

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